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Uses and Treatments

The goji berry is a nutritious, eastern berry that is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and is typically considered safe for human consumption and an excellent addition to a diet. Among the features of the goji berry is the strong antioxidant properties. As antioxidants fight free radicals, they are implemented in everything from preventing cancer to slowing the aging process, and according to the berry contains higher concentrated levels of antioxidants versus equal amounts of vitamin C. Many of the supplemental benefits of the goji berry can be implemented by drinking the berry in tea form. Goji berry tea is a popular item at health food stores, and a great addition to almost any diet.

There are also many less widely understood benefits to eating goji berry or drinking goji berry tea. The berry’s origins trace back thousands of years into the orient, where it has almost always been a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Among the more popular qualities of the goji is the apparent benefit to eye health. An active antioxidant in the berry is called zeaxanthin has been determined to promote healthy eyesight. In addition, goji has been implemented to treat everything from infertility to back pains and dry skin. For this reason, it’s likely goji elixirs were a type of “cure all” medicine in ancient China.

Although the full effect of the goji berry on all of these symptoms is not yet fully scientifically understood, there have been some tests that could lend credence to drinking goji berry tea. Research out of certain institutes, such as the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, has indicated that the goji berry may have active ingredients that could prevent tumor formation and further enhance the immune system. For this reason, the goji could be an excellent choice among people who want to find a reliable supplement to improve their overall disease fighting capabilities.

Goji is also commonly implemented as part of a colonic cleansing or detoxification process. This is probably because of goji’s many antioxidants, and its ability to purify the body and bloodstream. Goji berry tea could be used as part of an overall strategy to improve, detoxify, and cleanse your system. It’s recommended to speak to professionals in the area of nutrition to figure out a solid plan for your health, and to also be aware of any potential side effects to extended goji berry usage. Some studies have shown goji reacting to blood-thinning medication. It’s important to remember that supplements are still chemicals—only in their raw form, and should be treated with a level of caution.

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